DB Engineering & Consulting

Sustainable concepts in harmony with nature

A sustainable transportation solution includes not only green modes of transportation; it also means that the transportation infrastructure is planned and built to be environmentally friendly as well.

Our teams of experts have contributed to a healthy balance through their years of work on issues related to environmental planning, ecology and conservation law.

We offer environmental planning services in the following areas:

Nearly every construction project has the potential to require the services of our environmental planners since railroad installations, open spaces and embankments provide valuable refuges for many animal and plant species. Environmental planning experts are called on to make sure that projects are carried out in harmony with flora and fauna.

We offer the following services:


  • Design- and procedural issues


  • Mapping of vegetation and biotope types
  • Fauna mapping


  • Review of the requirement of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) with all required investigations
  • Preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment and scoping documents
  • Preliminary review and generation of an acceptability study regarding EU regulations (FFH-guideline)
  • Environmental management plan
  • Consideration and examination of species protections regulations
  • Detailed design of an environmental management plan
  • Tender design of an environmental management plan


  • Environmental and ecological expertise for construction supervision
  • Resettlement measures
  • Monitoring

Expansion, new construction and demolition of transport facilities generate residual materials, which end up as waste that needs to be disposed of in accordance with legal requirements. We employ natural scientists and engineers throughout Germany who have worked on railroad-specific aspects of disposal for over 15 years.

We offer the following services:

Investigation, sample collection, laboratory analysis

  • Permanent way material (ballast, soil) from track systems
  • Filling and back filling using materials such as soil on platforms, abutments and retaining walls
  • Cover material/ sealings (asphalt, bitumen)
  • Construction material and asbestos


  • Evaluation of waste material and declaration of waste material based on federal and state regulations
  • Preparation of environmental and waste material reports, presentation of disposal methods and costs
  • Documents of soil recycling and disposal concepts (DB AG specific)

Design and consulting

  • Development of dismantling and waste disposal concepts
  • Generation of hazardous substance registries
  • Support for waste relevant issues in the tender documents


  • On-site supervision of waste management
  • Quality management of contractors and subcontractors
  • Review of planned and available disposal methods
  • Online waste verification management


As a pioneer in environmental protection, Deutsche Bahn is responsible for brownfield land from 180 years of railroad operations. Our technical designers throughout Germany examine, classify, monitor and remediate rail-specific issues.     

Our scope services:


  • Planning and organisational consulting
  • Consulting on methods and scope of the investigations


  • Historical research
  • Exploration of soil, soil vapour and groundwater for preliminary investigations, detailed investigations, groundwater and soil vapour monitoring.
  • Ground investigations
  • Construction of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Sampling of soil, soil vapour and groundwater
  • Pumping tests for groundwater contaminations
  • Direct-Push sampling
  • Determination of chemical analyses
  •  Evaluation of results based on federal and state regulations


  • Planning of remediation measures
  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary- , acceptance- and execution design


  • Ecological (construction) supervision
  • Experts in accordance with guideline BGR 128