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Design at DB Engineering & Consulting

The mobility of tomorrow is a complex challenge that we work on every day, investing our passion and the necessary expertise.

Deadlines, costs and quality must be kept in balance in every infrastructure project to ensure operations are reliable, efficient and sustainable.

It's no easy task. To reach your goal, you have to be able to envision how all relevant areas will work together. For us, that means developing individual components and linking them to create a forward-looking overall system that meets our customers' needs.

DB Engineering & Consulting handles all tasks related to designing transport routes, stations, depots, terminals and the associated technology – from the basic assessment to detailed design. We make sure your project is well positioned from start to finish. 

Our design services:

  • Studies and expert opinions

  • Strategy and goal definition

  • Feasibility studies

  • Economic analysis

  • Financing plan

  • Project organization

  • Analysis of operations

  • Line and timetable design

  • Determination of the appropriate system scope

  • Identification of work to be performed

  • Assessment of operating infrastructure

  • Construction operations planning

  • Basic evaluation

  • Preliminary design to construction drawings

  • Preparation and evaluation of bids

  • Documentation

We offer design services in the following areas?

  • Control-command and signaling

  • Traction current supply systems, overhead line systems, conductor rails

  • IT and telecommunications systems

  • Electrical power systems (50 Hz)

  • Plant, machinery and equipment

  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing

  • Expertise to permit compliance with EMC Directives and EMC Management

  • Planning of earthing and bonding as well as lightning protection measures

  • Measuring of currents, voltages and electromagnetic fields

  • Calculation of induced voltages and planning of protection measures against interference

  • Planning of corrosion protection measures for DC railways

  • Earthworks, civil and underground engineering

  • Permanent way

  • Railroad crossings, including road construction

  • Railroad buildings

  • Platform facilities, including platform roofs

  • Sheds

  • Technical and functional buildings

  • Warehouses

  • Bridges and viaducts (steel, concrete and other designs)

  • Tunnels and viaducts (cut and cover, bored and mechanical construction methods)

  • Retaining structures

  • Noise barriers

  • Special geotechnical engineering