DB Engineering & Consulting

Perfect integration of logistics systems

Traffic flows are developing with high dynamics and intense speed worldwide. Therefore, a robust and flexible infrastructure is needed.

No matter, if intelligent city logistics or the hinterland connection to ports - our logistics consultants are experts in understanding mobility chains and the holistic flow of goods.

This knowledge is used in the favor of our clients in order to optimize manufacturing, service and distribution processes.

Only, if companies know the future challenges in their market environment, their market position can be maintained and improved. We develop innovative ideas for future-oriented logistics solutions and evaluate them economically to strengthen the productivity of our customers.

Our service

Feasibility Studies

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies

Market, Traffic and Demand Analysis

  • Analysis and forecasting of macroeconomic transport trends and economic development


  • Profitability analysis and optimization
  • Cost-benefit analysis and financial modeling

Risk Analysis

  • Risk analysis of technical and economic issues

Subsidy Management

  • Generation of documents to apply for subsidies from national and international financial institutions

Project Management, Project Steering and Project Controlling

International traffic and trade is the backbone of our modern and globalized world. These processes demand a robust, flexible and reliable infrastructure.

Together with our clients we establish efficient logistics chains, simulate processes, create sets of criteria and evaluate processes and infrastructure.

Our service

Site Analysis

  • Evaluation and comparison of locations (e.g. cost-utility analysis)

Plant Design

  • Design of production, logistics or transport facilities (local, regional, freight- and long distance traffic infrastructure, road)
  • Preparation of facility concepts with space and facility dimensioning

Layout and Operations Concepts

  • Layout with appropriate expansion for extensions / new buildings
  • Determination of functions, interoperability requirements, capacities, workflows and staff

Evaluation and comparison of technology

  • Evaluation, comparison and selection of suitable technologies

Construction Logistics

  • Development of traffic overarching supply- and disposal concepts

Tender documents and product requirements

  • Creation of required documents for tenders

Only companies that understand the complexity of transport streams will be able to compete on global markets in the future. We plan and simulate railway operations and logistics and assist in the procurement of operational IT systems. Our objective: a sustainable improvement of the competiveness and profitability of our clients.

Our service


  • Rail freight vehicle scheduling
  • Analysis and calculation of optimal capacities for freight systems

Outsourcing/Insourcing „Make or Buy“

  • Development and evaluation of outsourcing and insourcing strategies


  • Simulation of operating procedures and processes in freight operations and logistics facilities

Tracking Freight Vehicles

  • Identification of weaknesses and development of solutions for freight tracking

Tender and Product Requirement Specifications

  • Preparation of tender documents

Procurement of Enterprise IT Systems

  • Counseling clients regarding the selection and evaluation of operational IT systems

Transport and infrastructure companies are facing major challenges 365 days a year. Starting with the organization of daily operations, procurement, modernization and maintenance of vehicles or routes, heading to the important issue of security, many factors need to be considered. Together with our clients we create mobility concepts, scale and link logistics systems and are a reliable partner in terms of efficiency improvements.

Our service

Process Analysis

  • Analysis of logistics processes (supply and disposal, traffic and spacing) including staff assignment and technology capabilities

Process Simulation

  • Simulation and visualization of processes

Process Optimization

  • Leverage analytical results for optimized processes
  • Analyzation of processes and cost balances through 5S, 6-Sigma or Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

Process Management

  • Implementation of processes in Project and Change management