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DB Rail Academy: Training & Education(T&E) for the rail and transport sector

As an answer to clients rising demand on high quality training solutions with flexible price and short-terms of development, DB Engineering & Consulting proposes new T&E market approach: DB Rail Academy.

The DB Rail Academy is a holistic training and education program for the rail and transport sector. We communicate knowledge, skills and ability required to plan, construct and operate railroad systems – reliably and thoroughly, geared to railroad practice and leading to internationally recognized qualifications.
The wide range of training programs, individual educational profiles and modular structure turn DB Rail Academy students into experts for your railway system, from beginner to top manager. 

DB Rail Academy is the brand for a modular program that defines and develops training standards which are executed worldwide in the rail and transport sector with a variety of different production models.

Our goal is the facilitation of sustainable activities with long-term participation. 

The core approach is:

  • DB Rail Academy is a full-size program with standard (but adaptable) course options in the four major training and education categories (vocational, professional, executive, academic)
  • DB Rail Academy programs are produced according to market needs, national, legal and cultural requirements
  • DB Rail Academy offers certificates for personnel as well as for training and education products
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Due to Deutsche Bahn‘s 180 years of successful railway business, we can offer holistic training solutions in technology and business, which are based on:

  • extensive national and international consulting experience in the context of an overall railway system, mobility, and logistics
  • excellence in mobility systems from innovation to operation
  • integrated and interdisciplinary solutions for all modes of transport, design, project management and construction supervision for infrastructure projects, with a focus on structural equipment and engineering for rail
  • partnerships in the transportation industry in process development, education & training and change management
  • combination of technical know-how and knowledge of all business segments of  the Deutsche Bahn AG

Structure DB Rail Academy

DB Rail Academy is presented by 4 main blocks, which contain comprehensive mix of subject related modules, trainings and courses.

Training Centre
The Training Centre is the backbone block in the DB Rail Academy model, which reflects well-proven structure for ensuring operational excellence & safety by means of training.
It contains programs which are dedicated to support companies’ new-comers:

  • Rail basics, infrastructure, operations, soft skills courses for general understanding of main business processes and areas
  • Initial vocational (technical, commercial, service oriented) education for trainees in accordance with German dual system (combination of theory and training embedded in a real-life work environment)
  • Train driver course for initial education (incl. full-motion simulators, CBT) and assessment of future specialists

Rail Institute
Complex of programs with more specific and deep knowledge in transportation related fields for skills improvement of companies’ experts and specialists. 

Executive Academy 
Top block in the DB Rail Academy programs’ structure due to the fact that managers and executives are a main target groups. It contains:

  • Leadership-Programs: Active engagement of a holistic leadership understanding within your railway company and other leading railways of the world, throughout all top management  positions
  • Management-Programs: Preoccupation with strategic corporate management as well as the advancement of the implementation oriented approach of the area of responsibility
  • Managerial Effectiveness-Programs: Strengthening of the individual leadership competence through an intensive examination of the effectiveness within different leadership  situations
  • Dialogue Forums and Executive Talks: Communication platform for top executives from all over the world, concerning different comprehensive topics as well as the possibility of active networking

Academic degree or certification
Is the crucial part of DB Rail Academy’s, which argues given initial promises about provision high quality T&E.

Network of partners allow DB Rail Academy provides not only internal but as well external certifications for trainees and programs by international certification agencies.

Collaboration with German and local universities gives opportunity to clients of DB Rail Academy receive master’s degree in chosen academic field.