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Looking for a challenge? Want to get to know the world? Want to play your part in one of the greatest railroad adventures? If so, join the Etihad Rail DB Team and experience railroad operations in the desert.

In January 2016, Etihad Rail DB successfully rolled out Operations Phase 1. For the next step in this project, we are looking for employees with expertise in infrastructure, operations and maintenance.

Find out more about one of the most thrilling railroad adventures and acquire valuable experience with a multinational corporation.

In 2013, Deutsche Bahn and Etihad Rail, the railroad development and operating company of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), launched a joint venture entitled Etihad Rail DB Operations (ERDB) to set up, operate and handle maintenance of the UAE national rail network. On completion of all the currently planned development phases, this network will link up the economic centers and ports of all seven emirates. 

The Etihad Rail network will therefore be a key element of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) transport plan and will connect the UAE with Saudi Arabia via Ghweifat in the west and with Oman via Al Ain in the east. After the next expansion stage, the railroad will link Mussafah and the Gulf ports of Khalifa and Jebel Ali and run all the way to the borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. Work is already underway to link the Northern Emirates. 

The project stages:

Stage I – Operations go!

In Stage 1, granulated sulfur is carried between Shah, Habshan and the port of Ruwais. Since January 2016, there have been 2 regular trains per day, each made up of 110 freight cars and carrying 11,000 tons of granulated sulfur. This by-product from acid gas production is a valuable industrial resource and is transported on 1700-meter long trains from the interior of the country to the port of Ruwais, an industrial city on the Persian Gulf. A transport volume of seven million tons of granulated sulfur is expected for this year alone. Trial operations began in 2015 and have shown that transporting the freight by rail can save around 66,000 truck trips per annum. The two-track, 264-km long line is equipped with ETCS Level 2 and the trains are hauled by EMD SD 70 diesel locomotives.

Etihad Rail

These achievements are due not least to the joint commitment of our colleagues at DB Cargo (formerly DB Schenker Rail AG) and DB Engineering & Consulting (formerly DB International).

Stage II

  • Length: 628 km
  • Objective: To link Mussafah to the Gulf ports of Khalifa and Jebel Ali and to the borders to Saudi Arabia and Oman
  • Status: Tender phase

Stage III

  • Length: 279 km 
  • Objective: To link Dubai to the northern regions of Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah
  • Status: planning stage
Facts and Figures ERDB   PDF | 570,3 KB

In addition to the relevant professional expertise for the job concerned, applicants should have:

  • Intercultural skills 

Etihad Rail DB currently employs around 214 employees from 32 different nations in Abu Dhabi and Mirfa.

This multinational cooperation means that every individual employee is faced with many new situations and that some work processes, such as agreements and meetings, may differ to what you are used to.

Preparatory intercultural training to learn how to deal with unfamiliar working methods, unaccustomed hierarchical patterns and different communication styles is therefore essentially to enable candidates to settle into their new environment smoothly, cope with different cultures and feel at home. We will gladly support you all the way.

  • Active English skills, Level B1

English skills at Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) are mandatory for working in this multinational corporation, which uses exclusively English as the sole working language. 

Not sure how good your present English skills are?

Before sending in an application, please take a language test and send us the results together with your application. If you do not know where you can test your English skills, do not hesitate to get in touch with us (contact details on right). We should be happy to help. 

Let us know if you score a lower level than B1: we can help you find a way to improve your English.

  • Experience of the Deutsche Bahn network

The expertise of Deutsche Bahn is in high demand all over the world, so that experience of the Deutsche Bahn network would be a welcome benefit for candidates wishing to work on this project.

Etihad Rail DB – Operations for Development Phase I are already up and running