DB Engineering & Consulting

Railways for the world of tomorrow

DB Engineering & Consulting offers technically sophisticated and customized infrastructure, mobility and transport solutions.

Deutsche Bahn's expertise is in high demand. DB Engineering & Consulting offers it all, from the idea to operations. For you, that means excellent advice, planning and implementation of infrastructure projects in Germany and around the globe.

Our specialists and generalists in all engineering disciplines develop and realize solutions that meet your needs and bring markets and people together – whether in Germany or in Australia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, China or Brazil.

Pooling capacity to enhance performance

In 2016 DB ProjektBau, currently DB’s engineering company for infrastructure projects in Germany, and DB International, currently DB’s international engineering and consulting company, merged to DB Engineering & Consulting. Deutsche Bahn has decided this to tackle new challenges and enhance its position on the German and international markets. 

The synergies set in motion by the fusion of these successful companies increase performance, boost flexibility by reducing waste in handoffs, and reinforce expertise in the relevant disciplines.

Conventional wisdom holds that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That is why DB Engineering & Consulting look forward to tackle the challenges of the future and support and implement customer´s projects as a stronger, more comprehensive partner than ever before.

DB Engineering & Consulting offers technically sophisticated and customized infrastructure, mobility and transport solutions. 

By offering sustainable solutions, we help to ensure the future success of business centers and make an important contribution to environmental protection, thereby shaping the world of tomorrow.

We take an end-to-end view of transport flows and know what is crucial for rail infrastructure: to combine the strengths of the different modes of transport – rail, road, waterway and air – in an effective way that serves customers.

We offer design, project management, construction supervision and consulting for rail-specific projects. With the expertise we have gained in thousands of projects around the globe, we have what it takes to manage complex infrastructure projects and integrate all engineering disciplines and consulting services involved.

Our people are specialists in civil and electromechanical engineering, environmental protection, geotechnics and geodesy. We take a targeted approach, working in partnership with our clients` right from the design phase and seeing projects through to on-time completion. With our years of experience, we develop strategies, link modes of transport and optimize logistics and processes.We analyze each situation individually and develop the appropriate approach to take, one that is forward-looking and sustainable. Our teams around the world draw on their intercultural competence to develop tailor-made solutions systematically.